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The Brazil reader : history, culture, politics ; edit. Robert M. Levine y John J. Crocitti. Náhled dokumentu
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The Brazil reader : history, culture, politics ; edit. Robert M. Levine y John J. Crocitti.

Autor Robert M Levine; John J Crocitti
Vydavatel: Durham : Duke University Press, 1999.
Edice: Latin America readers.
Vydání/formát:   Tištěná kniha : English

An interdisciplinary anthology that includes many primary resources never before published in English.

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Žánr/forma: History
Colecciones de escritos
Typ dokumentu Kniha
Všichni autoři/tvůrci: Robert M Levine; John J Crocitti
ISBN: 0822322900 9780822322900 0822322587 9780822322580
OCLC číslo: 51165516
Popis: x, 527 p. : il. ; 24 cm.
Obsahy: Acknowledgments xiA Note on Style xiiiIntroduction 1I. Origins, Conquest, and Colonial Rule The Origin of Fire / Cayapo Legend 16Noble Savages / John Hemming 20A Description of the Tupinamba / Anonymous 25The First Wave / Warren Dean 33Letter to Governor Tome de Sousa / Manoel da Nobrega 37From the River of Jenero / Francisco Suares 41The Sins of Maranhao / Antonio Vieira 43Minas Uprising of 1720 / Anonymous 45Smuggling in the Diamond District / George Gardner 52Decree Elevating Brazil to a Kingdom / Joao VI 56II. Imperial and Republican Brazil Declaration of Brazilian Independence, 1822 / Pedro I 63The Baron of Parnaiba / George Gardner 65Uprising in Maranhao, 1839-1840 / Domingos Jose Goncalves de Magalhaes 69A Paraiba Plantation, 1850-1860 / Stanley J. Stein 76The Paraguayan War Victory Parade / Peter M. Beattie 87A Vanishing Way of Life / Gilberto Freyre 91A Mirror of Progress / Dain Borges 93Drought and the Image of the Northeast / Gerald M. Greenfield 100Dom Pedro the Magnanimous / Mary Wilhelmine Williams 104Solemn Inaugural Session of December 24, 1900 / Congress of Engineering and Industry 107Intellectuals at Play / Olavo Bilac Colllection 109City of Mist / Manoel Sousa Pinto 110The Civilist Campaign / J. R. Lobao 113Gaucho Leaders, 1923 / Photograph 115Factory Rules, 1924 / Abramo Eberle Metalworks Management 116III. Slavery and Its Aftermath The War against Palmares / Anonymous 125Slave Life at Morro Velho Mine / Sir Richard Francis Burton 131Scenes from the Slave Trade / Logbook Entries; Joao Dunshee de Abrantes 135Cruelty to Slaves / Thomas Ewbank 138Slavery and Society / Joaquim Nabuco 143Abolition Decree, 1888 / Princess Isabel and Rodrigo Augusto da Silva 145Laws Regulating Beggars in Minas Gerais, 1900 / Liegislature of Minas Gerais 146IV. The Vargas Era The Social Question / Platform of the Liberal Alliance, 1930 156Manifesto, May 1930 / Luis Carlos Prestes 158Heroes of the Revolution / Composite Postcard Photograph 160The "Gold for Sao Paulo" Building, 1932 / Cristina Mehrtens 162Where They Talk about Rosa Luxemburg / Patricia Galvao 166Two Versions of Factory Life / Photographers Unknown 172Seized Correspondence from Communists, 1935-1945 / Dossier 20, Police Archives 176The Paulista Synagogue / Gustavo Barroso 182Why the Estado Novo? / Oliveira Vianna 184New Year's Address, 1938 / Getulio Vargas 186Rural Life / Photographers Unknown 190A New Survey of Brazilian Life / Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics 195General George C. Marshall's Mission to Brazil / Katherine Tupper Marshall 197Comments on the Estado Novo / Bailey W. Diffie 200Educational Reform after Twenty Years / Anisio S. Teixeira 204Ordinary People: Five Lives Affected by Vargas-Era Reforms / Apolonio de Carvalho, Geraldo Valdelirios Novais, Frederico Heller, Maurilio Thomas Ferreira, Joana de Masi Zero 206Vargas's Suicide Letter, 1954 / Getulio Vargas 222V. Seeking Democracy and Equity Rehearsal for the Coup / Araken Tavora 231The Military Regime / Antonio Pedro Tota 235Excerpts from the 1967 Brazilian Constitution 238Tropicalism and Brazilian Popular Music under Military Rule / Christopher Dunn 241Literature under the Dictatorship / Elizabeth Ginway 248Pele Speaks / Edson Arantes Nascimento da Silva 254The Maximum Norm of the Exercise of Liberty / Grupo da Educacao Moral e Civica 258Families of Fishermen Confront the Sharks / Paulo Lima 260The Reality of the Brazilian Countryside / Landless Movement (MST) 264The "Greatest Administrative Scandal" / Seth Garfield 268Life on an Occupied Ship / Marcal Joao Scarante 274A Letter from Brazil / Juliano Spyer 277Inaugural Address / Fernando Henrique Cardoso 280Fernando Henrique Cardoso: Theory and Practice / Ted G. Goertzel 289Is Brazil Hopelessly Corrupt? / Roberto DaMatta 295VI. Women's Lives Aunt Zeze's Tears / Emilia Moncorva Bandeira de Mello 302Tarsila and the 1920s / Carol Damian and Cristina Mehrtens 308The Integral Woman / Provincia de Guanabara 317The Children Always Had Milk / Maria Puerta Ferreira 319Women of the Forest / Yolanda and Robert F. Murphy 323My Life / Maria das Dores Gomes Batista 327A Healer's Story / Maria Geralda Ferreira 331Sonia, a Middle-Class Woman / Alison Raphael 334Family Life in Recife / Fanny Mitchell 337Xuxa and the Televisual Imaginary / Amelia Simpson 343Dreams of Uneducated Women / Jose Carlos Sebe Bom Meihy 348VII. Race and Ethnic Relations A Letter from Brazil, 1918 / Jose Clarana 354Growing Up Black in Minas Gerais / Carolina Maria de Jesus 359Exotic Peoples / Indian Protection Agency 365Brazil: Study in Black, Brown, and Beige / Leslie B. Rout Jr. 367Immigrant Ethnicity in Brazil / Jeffrey Lesser 374The Myth of Racial Democracy / Abdias do Nascimento 379The National Day against Racism / Revista MNU 382The Church Tries to Combat Prejudice / Bernardete Toneto 384What Color Are You? / Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics 386Mixed Blood / Jefferson M. Fish 391VIII. Realities The Animal Game / Clayton S. Cooper 398How Brazil Works / Robert M. Levine 402Iansa Is Not Santa Barbara / Ile Axe Opo Afonja 408Upward Mobility Is Possible / Alcides Nazario Guerreiro Bruto 411Crab and Yoghurt / Tobias Hecht 415Voices from the Pavement / Claudia Milito and Helio R. S. Silva 420Pixote's Fate / Robert M. Levine 423A Letter to President Cardoso / Caius Brandao 430The History of the Huni Kui People / Sia Kaxinawa 432Urban Indians / Juliano Spyer 436Mayor Orders Billboard Shacks Destroyed / Juliana Raposo 441Cultural Imperialism at Its Most Fashionable / Roger M. Allen 447The Gay and Lesbian Movement in Brazil / James N. Green 454Liberation Theology's Rise and Fall / Robin Nagle 462IX. Saudades Bananas Is My Business / Helena Solberg 471The Invention of Tradition on Brazilian Radio / Bryan McCann 474Bahia Music Story / Bill Hinchberger 483O Axe de Zumbi / Paulo Lima and Bernadete Toneto 487At Carnival / Pedro Ribeiro 490Two Poets Sing the New World / Jessica Callaway 491Two Essays on Sports / Janet Lever and Jose Carlos Sebe Bom Methy 497Suggestions for Further Reading 505Acknowledgment of Copyrights 511Index 519
Název edice: Latin America readers.
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