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Environment and behavior

Auteur : Donald Merle Baer; E M Pinkston
Éditeur: Boulder, Col. : Westview Press, 1997.
Édition/format:   Livre imprimé : AnglaisVoir toutes les éditions et tous les formats

The contributors to this volume describe how we conceptualize, think and behave, and presents empirical studies that test theoretical assumptions and illustrate how to integrate environmental  Lire la suite...

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Type de document: Livre
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs: Donald Merle Baer; E M Pinkston
ISBN: 0813331587 9780813331584 0813331595 9780813331591
Numéro OCLC: 816037534
Description: xv, 313 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Contenu: The Basic Principles; Understanding Human Behavior: A Key to Solving Social Problems; (Sigrid S. Glenn. ); Some Meanings of Antecedent and Environmental Control; (Donald M. Baer. ); The Context of Stimulus Control in Behavior Analysis; (Martha Pelez-Nogueras and Jacob L. Gewirtz. ); Verbal-Nonverbal Correspondence Training as a Case of Environmental Antecedents; (Freddy A. Paniagua. ); Managing Simple But Crucial Environmental Antecedents; Environmental Approaches to the Development of Conceptual Behavior; (Barbara C. Etzel. ); Errorless Learning in Educational Environments: Using Criterion-Related Cues to Reduce Errors; (L.L.A. McCartney and J. M. LeBlanc. ); Selective Eye Fixations During Transfer of Discriminative Stimulus Control; (Stephen R. Schroeder. ); Evaluating the Identity Concept Using Matching-to-Sample Procedures; (John L. Brown, Ann K. Brown, and Claire L. Poulson. ); Stimulus Classes, Stimulus Sequences, and Generative Behavior; (Harry H. Mackay, Barbara Jill Kotlarchyk, and Robert Stromer. ); Use of a Preexisting Verbal Relation to Prevent the Properties of Stimulus Equivalence from Emerging in New Relations; (Svein Eikeseth and D. M. Baer. ); Clinical Applications, With Emphasis On Substance Abuse And Autism; Nurturance Traps of Aggression, Depression, and Regression Affecting Childhood Illness; (Trevor Stokes, Debra Mowery, Kimberly R. Dean, and Stacey J. Hoffman. ); Behavioral Intervention in Cancer Treatment; (William H. Redd.); Structure of Victim Engagement in Sexual Abuse; (Steven C. Wolf and Elsie M. Pinkston.); Stimulus Control of Drug Abuse; (Kimberly C. Kirby, Richard J. Lamb, and Martin Y. Iguchi. ); Stimulus Control Processes in Drug Taking: Implications for Treatment; (Warren K. Bickel and Thomas H. Kelly. ); Caffeine as a Model Drug of Abuse for the Development of Sensitive Behavioral Measures; (Kenneth Silverman. ); The Study of Stimulus Control in Autism; (Laura Schreibman. ); Overselectivity in the Naming of Suddenly and Gradually Constructed Faces; (Angela M.M. Duarte and D. M. Baer. ); The Environmental Antecedents of Spontaneous Social Behavior; (Kathleen Zanolli. ); Constructing The Whole Environment; Environmental Approaches to Mental Retardation; (Paula K. Davis and Anthony J. Cuvo. ); Ecobehavioral Approaches in Child Abuse and Developmental Disabi
Responsabilité: ed. by Donald M. Baer, Elsie M. Pinkston ; with a forew. by John Wright.
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