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Judaism and the challenges of modern life 資料のプレビュー

Judaism and the challenges of modern life

著者: Moshe Halbertal; Donniel Hartman
出版社: London ; New York, NY : Continuum, 2007.
シリーズ: Kogod library of Judaic studies, 2.
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Much more than a particular period in world history, modernity has fundamentally transformed how we think and live, and especially how we understand and relate to religious traditions. As the 'ghetto walls' have fallen, both empirically and metaphorically, Judaism is compelled to compete in an open marketplace of ideas. Jews can no longer count on an assumedly necessary Jewish identity or commitment, nor on the  続きを読む
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Judaism and the challenges of modern life.
London ; New York, NY : Continuum, 2007
(DLC) 2008295895
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ドキュメントの種類 インターネット資料, 電子ファイル
すべての著者/寄与者: Moshe Halbertal; Donniel Hartman
ISBN: 9781441146984 1441146989 1283271923 9781283271929
OCLC No.: 741691056
物理形態: 1 online resource (192 pages)
コンテンツ: The challenge of ideas. Judaism and the challenges of science / Menachem Fisch ; Tradition and legal change / Zvi Zohar ; Tradition : continuity or change--two religious options / Vered Noam ; Judaism : between religion and morality / Donniel Hartman ; Traditional Judaism and the feminist challenge / Chana Safrai ; The changing status of women in liberal Judaism : a reflective critique / Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi ; Judaism, feminism and homosexuality / Jonathan W. Malino and Tamar S. Malino --
The challenge of diversity. The religious significance of religious pluralism / David Hartman ; Monotheism and violence / Moshe Halbertal ; Who is a Jew? : membership and admission policies in the Jewish community / Donniel Hartman ; The anomalies of Jewish political identity / Michael Walzer --
The challenge of statehood. The significance of Israel for the future of Judaism / David Hartman ; Religion and state in Israel / Menachem Lorberbaum ; War and peace / Noam Zohar ; Human rights and membership rights in the Jewish tradition / Moshe Halbertal.
シリーズタイトル: Kogod library of Judaic studies, 2.
責任者: edited by Moshe Halbertal and Donniel Hartman.


Providing readers with insights into Judaism and the Jewish people in contemporary times, the work explores a wide range of issues that includes: the significance of Israel for the future of Judaism;  続きを読む
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