Textbook of anxiety disorders (書籍, 2010) [University of Washington Libraries]
Textbook of anxiety disorders

Textbook of anxiety disorders

著者: Dan J Stein; Eric Hollander; Barbara Olasov Rothbaum
出版社: Washington : American Psychiatric, ©2010.
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This important new resource offers both clinicians and researchers a single-volume resource that covers not only advances in clinical interventions but also the latest advances in theoretical  続きを読む

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ジャンル/形式: estudios y conferencias
ドキュメントの種類 書籍
すべての著者/寄与者: Dan J Stein; Eric Hollander; Barbara Olasov Rothbaum
ISBN: 1585622540 9781585622542
OCLC No.: 851323472
物理形態: XXIV, 798 p. : il. ; 29 cm
コンテンツ: ContributorsDisclosure of InterestsForewordPrefacePART I: Approaching the Anxiety DisordersChapter 1. History of Anxiety DisordersChapter 2. Classification of Anxiety DisordersChapter 3. Preclinical Models of AnxietyChapter 4. Neural Circuits in Fear and AnxietyChapter 5. Anxious Traits and TemperamentsChapter 6. The Neuropsychology of Anxiety DisordersChapter 7. Cognitive-Behavioral Concepts of AnxietyChapter 8. Psychodynamic Concepts of AnxietyChapter 9. Evolutionary Concepts of AnxietyChapter 10. Combined Treatment of Anxiety DisordersPART II: Generalized Anxiety DisorderChapter 11. Phenomenology of Generalized Anxiety DisorderChapter 12. Pathogenesis of Generalized Anxiety DisorderChapter 13. Pharmacotherapy for Generalized Anxiety DisorderChapter 14. Psychotherapy for Generalized Anxiety DisorderPART III: Mixed Anxiety-DepressionChapter 15. Mixed Anxiety-Depressive Disorder: An Undiagnosed and Undertreated Severity Spectrum?PART IV: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder/Related DisordersChapter 16. Phenomenology of Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderChapter 17. Pathophysiology of Obsessive-Compulsive DisordersChapter 18. Pharmacotherapy for Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderChapter 19. Psychological Treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderChapter 20. The Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum of DisordersPART V: Panic Disorder/AgoraphobiaChapter 21. Phenomenology of Panic DisorderChapter 22. Pathogenesis of Panic DisorderChapter 23. Pharmacotherapy for Panic DisorderChapter 24. Psychotherapy for Panic DisorderPART VI: Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia)Chapter 25. Phenomenology of Social Anxiety DisorderChapter 26. Pathogenesis of Social Anxiety Disorder Chapter 27. Pharmacotherapy for Social Anxiety DisorderChapter 28. Psychotherapy for Social Anxiety DisorderPART VII: Specific PhobiaChapter 29. Specific PhobiaPART VIII: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder/Acute Stress DisorderChapter 30. Phenomenology of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Chapter 31. Pathogenesis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress DisorderChapter 32. Pharmacotherapy for Posttraumatic Stress DisorderChapter 33. Psychotherapy for Posttraumatic Stress DisorderPART IX: Anxiety Disorders in Special PopulationsChapter 34. Anxiety Disorders in Children and AdolescentsChapter 35. Anxiety Disorders in the ElderlyChapter 36. Anxiety in the Context of Substance AbuseChapter 37. Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders in Medical SettingsChapter 38. Anxiety and InsomniaPART X: Social Aspects of Anxiety DisordersChapter 39. Cultural and Social Aspects of Anxiety Disorders Chapter 40. The Economic and Social Burden of Anxiety DisordersChapter 41. Consumer ConsiderationsIndex
責任者: edited by Dan J. Stein, Eric Hollander, Barbara O. Rothbaum.
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Compared with the much-praised first edition, published in 2002, many changes have been made in this second edition of the Textbook of Anxiety Disorders. The informative Textbook of Anxiety 続きを読む






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